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Fixing Air Condition & Transport Refrigeration is Our Business

Temptek solutions,has a team of highly qualified technicians on staff ready to meet all of your truck refrigeration repair and service needs. Our experts are skilled at keeping you & your products cool and on the road and on the way to your next destination. We understand that services are nothing more than an interruption to your already busy day. However, receiving quality services is vitally important as it can help extend the life of your refrigeration..
Make an appointment to see us, and we’ll keep you two steps ahead of any refrigeration or air conditions troubles for enhanced overall performance. When you take care of your fridges, it will take care of you.

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Thorough Inspections, Accurate & Diagnoses

Experience Skills

Our engineers will help you to get your refrigeration vehicles, commercial air conditioning units up and running as quickly as possible and ensure that they consistently run as require so that your business can continue to operate productively.

Expert Engineers

Do your commercial air conditioning units need servicing? Webare not just refrigeration experts, we also offer comprehensive air conditioning services which are suitable for any business in any industry.

Low Cost

It’s better (and cheaper) to drive over to us to receive affordable services than to be carried in by a tow truck. Whatever state of repair your refrigeration truck is in, our technicians perform the most appropriate, most reliable services

Guarantee Services

Don’t wait to get towed! Drive over, to see us today!

Trusted Work

Is our middle name.

High Quality

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